How to Prepare for NATA in 1 year

Nishtha Nautiyal
Apr 27, 2018

It is a very crucial task to study well and attempt to write NATA exam in order to pursue further studies to become an accomplished architect.

NATA, conducted by CoA (Council of Architects) annually, is for students keen on becoming architects and opens doors to many nationally acclaimed institutes guiding and nurturing them for a successful future in the field.

According to the NATA 2018 brochure, the exam pattern for NATA 2018 is:

We at DQ Labs believe that a student has tremendous potential to achieve anything that he dreams of, provided he is guided and directed towards the correct path, and we are here to spearhead the momentum towards success.

Since the students who wish to write NATA, generally, are from class 12th, where they see NATA as a path to envision their dreams of being architects, building futures, (literally!), we provide a full year coaching program that stresses and focuses on each and every aspect of the syllabus of the exam.

Though self study is an important aspect of student life, but it becomes easy for a student to clear any exam if he is provided with experienced guidance, good study material and ample of time to grasp and clear his doubts.

The Offline NATA coaching class provides study material and the books are designed according to the NATA exam paper pattern. Each section of the book provides extensive information and structured exercises.

For students who think that having good ‘drawing skills’ is the only way they could ace the test, we would like to clarify that it isn’t only the ‘drawing or sketching’ aspect that is being tested, but  quantitative ability and aesthetic sensibility too count in.

With one year in hand the students may even sharpen their drawing skills and aim at scoring better at the drawing part of the test that holds 80 precious marks. For this, one should practice 2D, 3D visualization, perception of objects and situation based drawings. One must also practice and play with colors. We at DQ Labs try to sharpen and cultivate the creative outlook of our students. For one whole year, different topics from the syllabus are practiced and taught to students.

Some students have nightmares of failing in Math. Surely, Math is one of the most dreaded subjects for most of the students, continuous practice and laying solid foundation of class 11 and 12 topics would remove any sort of fear and doubt from the child’s mind.  At DQ labs the experienced faculty helps the students to befriend math in such a way that any sort of questions pertaining to NATA exam syllabus seems to be literally, a child’s play!

The NATA study material provided during the journey of learning includes books, worksheets, NATA Sample papers, NATA previous year papers and a whole bunch of video series in order to facilitate learning. The feedback to the tests and drawings/sketches is instant and genuine, each student’s trajectory is mapped and marked throughout and their weakness and strengths are monitored. Along with physical materials, online resources make the topics/ lessons easy, fun and cool to learn and understand.

You can practice a lot on DQ Edge, and can get your drawings evaluated online through the same. Also you can anytime self-evaluate your sketching or take in ideas through the DQ Labs’ Students’ Blog which contains the evaluated works of our students and have certain guidelines to help you do it yourself.

Some tips to prepare for NATA would include:

Study well, smart and always be focused on the syllabus. (For that, one should be thorough with the syllabus).

Don’t study for more than 3 hours at a stretch. Just take our own time and don’t fret about the study hours.

Maintain a timetable as your board scores are necessary as well for you to take admission in the top schools.

“Practice makes a man perfect” and if not perfect, at least it will give you the confidence to write important exams like NATA and JEE Mains Paper 2 so that you pursue career as an architect.

Know your study material, i.e. gather all your books, study and practice material beforehand, as most if your time would otherwise be wasted in accumulating the books and Mock Test sites.

Plan your studies if you are planning to write multiple entrance exams and keep in mind the topics that you have to focus more on.

Essentially, the architecture aptitude section is unique yet enlightening. Read about the present and historical monuments, buildings, and read the architectural plans, types, and styles (Study about why and when a building of importance was built, who built it and what is the style). At DQ Labs the classes encompass design appreciation and focus on color theory also.

Hence joining DQ Labs along while completing your schooling would ensure a definite and fruitful attempt at architectural exams like NATA and JEE Mains Paper 2. While you take care of your board preparations, we are there to take care of your NATA exam preparations through continuous and interactive learning online and offline.


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