What are the qualities that any B.Arch aspirant must possess?

Lalit Kumar
May 14, 2018

The above question is answered by Prof. G.Sunil Kumar, Director, Gitam School of Architecture,Hyderabad

Architecture is a unique professional course, where the student has to learn many subjects related to Architecture Design, Architectural Drawing, Building Construction, Building Materials, Building Services and advanced subjects related to Core Architecture such as Climatology, Acoustics, Green Buildings, Sustainability, Landscape, Conservation and Urban Design. Anyone aspiring to be a student of Architecture, along with the basic qualities of motivation and dedication need perseverance to sustain the gruel of Architectural learning. Along with the above basic qualities any student of architecture requires few other skills,

1. ARTISTIC AND CREATIVE SKILLS, as architecture is an amalgamation of ART and SCIENCE. Should have a sense of proportions, color schemes and aesthetics.

2. Interest in HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS, as an architect you have to handle varied people like Clients to whom you provide your professional service, allied consultants like HVAC, MEP, ELECTRICAL, STRUCTURAL etc, Vendors, Contractors, Skilled workers and Unskilled labour. So it is very important that a student of Architecture should be ready to learn the complex HR.

3. They should be INTERESTED IN RESEARCH, as every project is a new challenge and for every new project lot of work has to be done by the Architect before actually starting the design.

4. Good WRITING/PRESENTATION SKILLS are very essential as Architectural projects involve a lot of documentation like project reports, contract documents, agreements and specification writings etc.

5. Should have the skill/quality to WORK IN TEAMS, as every Architectural project is a team effort.

6. Last and the most important is strong WILL POWER to adhere to the code of conduct by Council of Architecture.

what message do you have for students pursuing studies under the influence of their peers and society for example taking up engineering when you have been interested in fashion designing or architecture?

what guidance do you have for students wishing to join a school of architecture the near future?

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what is architecture and how unique is a career in architecture?

how is architecture different from civil engineering?


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