HOW TO PREPARE FOR NATA 2022: Tips, Strategy & Guide?

24 days ago

How to Prepare for nata coaching in delhi - 2023

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priyanka shah

NATA 2022 is a highly competitive exam – with number of candidates appearing for the exam rising each year. With increasing competitiveness among aspirants for NATA 2022, it is important that students have a preparation plan and extra efforts are required for increasing the score.

With new online pattern for NATA 2022 in place, it becomes crucial to have observational and analytical approach while answering questions. These skills must be developed by including your preparation for NATA 2022 exam into your day-to-day life rather than book-based studying. Start observing and analyzing any building, artwork, or design you come across.

Get into a habit of knowing the details of art and architecture. Start with basics like principles of design and try to expand your knowledge base about these core topics related to Architecture

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