Which is better NID or UCEED?

24 days ago

Can i get sample paper for both uceed sample paper and nid sample paper for reference?

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1 answer.
priyanka shah

UCEED is an entrance examination conducted by IIT Bombay for admission in Bachelor's of design program in IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IITDM Jabalpur, IIT Hyderabad.

NID Design Aptitude Test is conducted for admission in the prestigious National Institute Design (NID) campuses in Bachelors of Design (B.Des)course.

NID is one of the best design institutes in India, which focuses on the development of a concept, design engineering, aesthetics, and product development and basically makes a student pretty well rounded.

The placement of NID is way better than that which you will get through admission in colleges through UCEED. The simple reason is that NID is solely dedicated to designing and is very prestigious brand.

24 days ago