Does anyone have the NATA 2018 application Link?

3 years ago

Need to apply for NATA 2018, but am not sure where the link is. Can someone please help me?

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2 answers.
Yashoda Gowda


https://learning.tcsionhub.in/EForms/configuredHtml/1016/2151/login.html?instanceId=1#[email protected]@Home/[email protected]~&subAction=viewMicrosite&Link=https://cdn4.tcsion.com/dotcom/ICMP/layout/Microsite/betaForInsFour/nataDemo/nata_ins4.html&id=NATADEMO25122017&name=National+Aptitude+Test+in+Architecture+(NATA)-2018

3 years ago

Greeshmaa SR

3 years ago