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Gowri Krishna
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For every drawing question you have to submit your own drawing first and evaluate it, then only you can see and rate your peers drawings..

rupali desai
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It is mandatory to visit all the question. After you have attempted the question go to the last question and click submit. A note will appear telling you do you want to submit the test. Click yes and you are good to go.

Hope this helps.

Navita V
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You do not need to write CET Exam, but filling the CET application form is mandatory.

vishwanth v
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Their official pages!!

Soha Bhalerao
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Value is lightness or darkness of a colour , whereas, saturation refers to strenth of the colour.

Navita V
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Not yet released

Navita V
Latest Answer · 2 months ago · 0 claps

You can check in the college website which you are considering for the admission. Like in Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, Bengaluru ,Applicants who has taken the UCEED 2021 examination can choose to be exempted from Test 1 of SMEAT 2021 if their All-India Rank is 1000 or below.