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Rohit Ramesh
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The study material on DQ Edge is sufficient. If you are preparing for UCEED, then you can refer to the following on DQ Edge

  • 501 Predicted Questions
  • UCEED Mock Tests
  • NID Mock Tests (Aptitude section)
  • UCEED Past year Question papers
  • NID Past year question papers (Aptitude Section)

Overall, there are over 1000 high quality questions for you to go through. Almost all questions have answer explanations and many questions have additional external resources that you could dig deeper into. So go through this in as much detail as possible and it will be sufficient for you to be confident.

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Yup it is

Marmika saxena
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Anita Pawar,

Those questions you mentioned are absolutely correct. Check them once again. Read the question carefully and check the correct option ID carefully. There is no problem with those questions but if you still want you can challenge those. That is upto you.

Rohit Ramesh
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There is a difference between “score” & “Rank”. Each section has a score. How good each score is, depends on the scores of other candidates as well.

Eg. A score of 25/100 in CAT will be good, if the highest score in CAT is between 25 and 30. A score of 50/100 in CAT will be bad, if the highest score in CAT is between 60 and 70.

Hence the score is relative and cannot be predicted at this stage. You would need to wait for the results to come out.

To get final admission into NIFT B.Des, your final rank is dependent on how you perform in each section

CAT - 50% weightage

GAT - 30% weightage

Situation Tes - 20% weightage

What this means is that your performance is CAT is the most significant and will get you the highest possibility to get a good rank in NIFT.