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If we qualify JEE P2, we have to write JEE advanced and AAT right, are we writing the JEE advanced with the engineering candidates??i.e, do we have physics and chemistry in the JEE advanced (other than AAT) in order to join architecture? 2 years ago

prachi kashyap
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NO. for architecture at iits , you will have to qualify JEE PAPER 1 as well as JEE ADVANCE which will be followed by AAT. if you are able to qualify these three exams with good marks you can do b.arch at iits. For nits and spa you just have to give JEE PAPER 2 .

Which material is used as a sound absorbing material in auditoriums? 2 years ago

Prerna R
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Fiberboard is used due to it's ability to reflect sound in a controlled manner

Do we have Physics and chemistry for nata 2019? 2 years ago

Rashi Pagariya
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No, physics and chemistry is not there for nata next year.

What is the best way to prepare for GK during the last few months before our design exams? 2 years ago

Nishad Menezes
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My recommendation is to take the Daily Quiz for GK on DQ Edge. There are new and upto date questions added everyday, till the day of the examination and there is a feature coming out allowing you to see all the questions you've answered throughout at a glance. Also, you are ranked by score and time. Since, it is vast learning a few things consistently everyday is a very good strategy.

Do I have to clear JEE Advanced with any particular rank to sit for the Architecture Aptitude test? Is the syllabus of AAT same as that of JEE paper 2? 2 years ago

Aashritha Jaladi null
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If you don’t have any reservation, you will need a rank below 7000-8000 for architecture in the JEE advanced.

As soon as the result is declared, you can give the AAT which you only have to QUALIFY.

If you qualify the AAT, then you will get a seat(architecture) in either IIT Roorkee or IIT Kharagpur COMPLETELY BASED on you IIT advanced rank.

And yeah, the syllabus for AAT is same as the JEE mains paper 2 one.. Although I think there’s only aptitude in that along with sketching. But if one is preparing well for JEE paper 2, they can qualify the AAT for sure.

Need information about orthographic views? 2 years ago

Umesh Kumar
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An orthographic is one way to describe a three dimensional object in two-dimensional space. Typically an orthographic will have the top, side and front views of an object drawn together with some kind of scale.

for NATA / JEE 2, you get a good number of orthographic questions.

For Nid / Uceed / Ceed you would get may be 1 or 2 questions.

None for NIFT exam.

Does JEE mains paper 2 ask us to make 3 sketches or 2 sketches in the exam? Also, since the math and aptitude section is online and since the sketching is offline, are we given any specific amount of time for each section?? 2 years ago

Umesh Kumar
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last year they asked 2 questions.

Yes. the two sections will be administered separately with specific amount of time.

i am a bio maths student(ISC) and have never studied arts.however my aspiration is designing and im fairly good at maths.so is self study and preparation(dq) for uceed and nata enough to qualify the exam ?is it enough to start now? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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good to see that you are interested in making your career in design. Every year there will be students who will clear the NATA or UCEED entrance exam preparing themselves. It totally depends upon you how much effort and dedication you will put into your preparation and what strategy you follow during your preparation phase. The NATA exam is of 200 marks out of which 120 marks will be for mathematics and aptitude section.This is the section in which you can ace provided you have prepared all the topics. You can go to the Learn section to see the syllabus for the NATA/ UCEED exam and which topis you have to prepare. The next section is for evaluation of your drawing skills. It will include 2 drawing questions, 40 marks each. This is the section which will make you stand out from the crowd. For drawing what you can do is go through the past year papers to see what kind of questions they ask. If you think you need help for the drawing and other part then you can join a classroom or online coaching program as per your convenience.

Now coming to your question, is it ohk to start now?? Yes of course it is ohk, you have the same chances of clearing the exam as the others. It all depends on your strategy, first go through the syllabus and see how many topics you have to prepare within the given time. In the initial days and weeks focus on clearing the basics of each and every topic. Dont worry if you take more time in solving the questions, your speed will improve as you will progress. Once you are done with your basics start giving mock tests on a regular basis and analyze them properly i.e where you went wrong, which topics you need to work on again. Luckily everything you need for your preparation is available on DQ Edge itself. If you feel confused as to what strategy to follow and how to start your preparation then just go to the Article section, there you will find a number of well written strategies used by toppers.