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Uceed? 9 days ago

Are colour pencils and rulers allowed in jee P2 exam 18 days ago

vishwanth vvv
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yes it is allowed, please check your admit card for more information

Hello, I am preparing for NIFT CAT exam so what color pencils should be used for CAT exam Water colorr pencils or normal color pencils? 23 days ago

vishwanth vvv
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watercolor pencils can be preferred because watercolor pencils are so soft and easy to blend. steadler luna watercolor pencils are most recommended from my side, but make share that u carry the color pencils which u are comfortable with and with u have practiced.

How many marks should I get in the 1st round of NID to qualify for the 2nd round? a month ago

vishwanth vvv
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NID DAT 2019 Cutoff

Open 68.10

OBC-NCL 59.50

ST 52.50

how many marks should I get in my boards to qualify for NID? a month ago

Shaunak Gokhale
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how many students will appear for UCEED 2021 approximately? (OR) how many students appeared last year 2 months ago

Achyuth V Dev
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1203 students appeared

can we bring a rolling ruler to the uceed exam? 2 months ago

Dion D'Sa
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As per the UCEED Brochure:

"Candidate will NOT be allowed to carry any electronic device (mobile phones, smart

phones, digital/smart watches, calculators, tablets etc.), abacus, slide rule, log books, study

material of any type, geometry box, etc. to the examination hall. A list of forbidden items

will be put up on the website before the exam if there are additional items."

I have already bought learn package of dqlabs should avail test seires also, They have only 2 mock test for uceed? 2 months ago

Dion D'Sa
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The syllabus for for UCEED , NID UG and NID PG does not change. It would be recommended that you purchase the test series as well.

What will help you is taking the Mock Tests, Solved Past Year Question Papers, Predicted questions, Sectional tests etc. It will help you out.