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Is score card published??I didn't get email today? 2 years ago

Rohit Ramesh
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yes, the score card is published. You can check it on official NATA website

How to prepare for nata? How to cover up it's Math syllabus? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Firstly go through the NATA syllabus and previous year papers just to check what is your current level of preparation.Then list down all the topics in which you are strong as well as weak. According to the syllabus start working on your weak topics, here your main focus should be on concept building and clearing the basics.

When you are done with the basics then jump on to the advanced part, solve previous years NATA papers available on DQ Edge and work on speed building. When you are sure that you are done with your preparation start giving mocks and analyse them. Analysis of mocks is very important, if mock test is of x hrs then spend 2x hrs in the analysis part.

For detailed study plan and tips required to prepare for the NATA Exam and other entrance exams, you can visit Article section of DQ Edge.

Will I get admission in CEPT, Ahmedabad or J.J School of Architecture with 138.5 NATA score? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Whether you will get a seat or not depends on a number of factors like:

1.Board(Gujrat board or other for CEPT)



4.Seat Distribution

5.score in 12th board

You have a good NATA score and 12th score, I'll suggest you to try and see where you stand in the rank list

I got 126.5/200.is it good marks to get good college?? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Yes, anything above 120 is considered as a good score. It depends on your 12th score also whether you will get a good college or not.

How to find the number of squares in a sheet of folded paper ? 2 years ago

Advaita Jairam
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Visualise it in your mind first and after you are able to visualise unfolding the paper, draw the unfolded paper and count your squares.

But visualisation is the key point.

When will nata results 2018 declare ? 2 years ago

Atul S Mugasimangalam
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The NATA results have been postponed to Monday, 4th June

Can I get SPA Delhi with a rank of 540 in JEE Mains Paper 2? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Yes, you can get SPA Delhi with this rank. In 2016, last rank (general category) to get admission into SPA Delhi was 975.

If you are targeting other colleges with this rank, then visit the below mentioned link to know at what rank students got admission.You can select the colleges, category, institute and course duration according to your preferences.

JoSAA opening and closing ranks for year 2016

Is 749 rank is good in jee mains paper 2 to get admission in top architecture college of india? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Yes, 749 is a good rank to get top colleges of India.

clarification on question number 833493178 of nata 2018 ? 2 years ago

Rohith Padival
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the answer to the question is wrought iron here is the proof- https://sites.google.com/site/engineeringtheeiffeltower/the-eiffel-tower-materials-engineering