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is it true that we have to pass in all the 3 parts? 2 years ago

Dq Cenlead
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Qualifying marks for NATA-2018 would be based on the following rules:

1. A minimum of 25% must be secured in MCQ portion (30 out of 120)

2. A minimum of 25% must be secured in Drawing portion (20 out of 80)

3. Overall qualifying marks (out of 200) would be based on post-exam statistics and at the discretion of the Council. 


As the aptitude and mathematics is an online based xam fr 2018 NATA,can v use d calc on our computers fr all d calculations??? 2 years ago

Rohit Ramesh
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No. According to point 6 of NATA hall ticket, use of calculators, log tables and digi oens is not allowed. We recommend you not to take any risk and practice calculations through the traditional pen and paper method.All the best!

Which type of color wheel has 12 colours (goethe's/ brewster's/other) ? 2 years ago

Rohit Ramesh
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For answer to this question, refer to the color theory explained on the portal's miscellaneous section under NIFT's GK part.

To know more about the same click here

Could I plz know d Top architecture colleges in Bangalore? 2 years ago

Neha Bhavya
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Yeah, getting into top colleges means ur NATA score should be good..

Top colleges like RV college, BMSCE, and

Vishweshwarya college are the best colleges as far as I know..

Further details Google about this question and u will get it..

What all should we carry on the day of nata exam? 2 years ago

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U shud just hv ur pack of pencils of all d grades u need,geometry box-that is only ur compass i guess and ur colour pencils.I suggest u nt 2 use water colours cuz it can damage ur sketch bcuz of d tension during d xam.Ya bt dnt frget ur hallticket and an ID proof in any case of emergency.

All d best fr ur xam!!

can anyone explain , what is tie breaker ? 2 years ago

Nishad Menezes
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Very interesting question! When the merit list is published for NATA, every student is given a unique rank based on their overall marks. A tie-breaking logic has to be applied when more than one candidate gets the same overall marks. So, who gets the higher rank is determined by the following parameters in the same order of priority -

1. More overall marks obtained in Mathematics test component

2. Less wrong answers in attempted ones of Mathematics test component

3. More overall marks in problems of Aptitude test component

4. Less wrong answers in attempted ones of aptitude test component

5. Earlier date of birth

This was the logic applied for NATA 2017, it probably hasn't changed that much for this year. Its similar to IPL matches when more than one team has the same points, the net run rate becomes the deciding factor to making the playoffs.

what is the mode of examination online or pen,paper ? 2 years ago

Neha Bhavya
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Aptitude questions and maths( section 1) will be conducted in online mode whereas drawing (section 2) is to be conducted in offline mode as soon as completion of section 1...

Since last year there was no 3d question in the drawing section in nata can we expect it this year? 2 years ago

Abhinav Ramesan
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the exam pattern of NATA was changed last year, that's why there will be only two questions consisting of 40 marks each.