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Suma Auradkar
Popular Answer · 9 months ago · 2 claps

i think it has to do with the colour of most soil types being reddish brown hues and soil is primarily involved in crop production & harvest. also, some tree leaves change colour from green to brown during fall season.

Shreeraj Narwade
Popular Answer · 10 months ago · 2 claps

u dont get admission in NATA, as such, but according for me, anything above 140 is great. and for cept, last year, the cut-off went super high for cept, like, too much!

Paavan Sharma
Latest Answer · 9 months ago · 0 claps

Its really not good if you hope to get into IIT.

Dion D'Sa
Latest Answer · 10 months ago · 0 claps

Please watch this webinar about the NATA 2021 Change in Pattern. Lots of content is going to be uploaded on DQ Edge and will be discussed over the next few weeks.

In the Description of the YouTube link, there are more links which you can refer to.

Hope this helps.

amogha margassery
Latest Answer · 10 months ago · 0 claps

Not sure, but DQ may publish it on their website sometime

vishwanth v
Latest Answer · 11 months ago · 0 claps

yes it is allowed, please check your admit card for more information

amogha margassery
Latest Answer · 10 months ago · 0 claps

there is no risk of the paper bleeding due to excess water as they are pretty high quality, watercolour works