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Lalit Kumar
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NATA 2018 exam pattern:

1.There is no negative marking for any incorrect answer.

2.The question paper of NATA 2018 will include two parts - Part A and Part B.

3.Part A will include Multiple Choice Questions and be conducted in online mode. Mathematics and General Aptitude subjects will be covered in this part.

  • mathematics - 20 questions * 2 marks each=40 marks
  • general aptitude - 40 questions* 2 marks each = 80 marks

4.Part B will include drawing test and have to be answered on A4 size drawing sheets.

  • drawing - 2 questions * 40 marks = 80 marks

5.Part A + Part B = 200 marks.

Rohith Padival
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you can report the above questions and ask for an explanation ,the faculty will provide the explanation,when you are taking the tests there is a report issue tab you can click on it

Sree Soumya
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I too want solutions

Rohit Ramesh
Latest Answer · 6 years ago · 0 claps

yes, you can share your doubts here itself, we'll definitely help you out.

Atishay Jain
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therer is no sketching question in mock test

Prathith Puttaparthy T
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You can find them in various websites and also find their keys along with detailed solutions made by allen or resonance. But you can only do d aptitude and math.

All the question papers are found in Arihant B.Arch self study guide.

If you are 2019 aspirant. I hope this helps.

Swarna Valli
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Are the questions ready yet? The exam is only a few days from now, so looking forward to practice those questions at the earliest.