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Aishwarya Sinha
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there are around 27-28 ques in part A(40 marks - includes 1 as well as 2 markers)

in part B there will be minimum 4 questions of drawing (60 marks)

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yes , i have past the papers of shrishti college in bangalore for the smeat for b des

Navita V
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A good NATA score varies from year to year depending on the difficulty of the test. At DQ Labs, our highest score achieved is 182.5

In 2021, a good NATA score was around 100. In 2022, a good score was around 120.

Riya Gupta
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you will be asked to leave the backpacks outside the class you will be giving your exam. So there's no issue carrying a backpack

Somya Khanduri null
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it varies every year, last year it was 58/100 for bdes, on avg its usually around 45 to 55

varun chandra
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Sujnan Krishna B.S
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Lavanya Arya
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Prepare for UCEED, the past year question paper and format is quite similar for SEED. Also keep creating portfolio works which can include art works and designs. Practice drawing topics thoroughly.

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