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what is the qualifying marks for nata? 23 days ago

purab patel
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is comedk registration out ? 25 days ago

Rajesh Ramkrishnan
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I have registered for the second NATA exam. Will the study material still be available till then? a month ago

DQ Student Mentor
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Are NATA admit cards out? I can't find it when I login, I see only application and basic details. I chose to write the test from a center a month ago

Ragav venkat
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Yes Now it is available

can we go back and forth in nata 2020 part-b questions? a month ago

Joylin Sneha
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the 501 questions will be similar to the questions asked in final exam right ? a month ago

Kritika Kalose
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Yes, the concepts covered by the questions will be similar

where do we find the nata mock test question with answer key? a month ago

Rajesh Ramkrishnan
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In the practise section