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Chaitanya Deshpande
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Yes, CEPT Ahmedabad is one of the top ranking design colleges in India.

Priyanka Pandith
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Chaitanya Deshpande
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In UCEED they only asked for pencil sketches. so ig you might not want to use alcohol markers:)

Suma Auradkar
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isometric vs. axonometric

Drawing Basics: A Visual Approach to Linear Perspective - Alvalyn Studio

crosssectional view portrays a cut‐away portion of the structure/building in question and is another way to show components of the structure which are otherwise not visible from its front view (facade)

House Cross Section Drawing | Architectural section, Architecture model  making, Section drawing

siddharth kulkarni
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mostly your percentile should be around 98-99%

Suma Auradkar
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i think it has to do with the colour of most soil types being reddish brown hues and soil is primarily involved in crop production & harvest. also, some tree leaves change colour from green to brown during fall season.

Shreeraj Narwade
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u dont get admission in NATA, as such, but according for me, anything above 140 is great. and for cept, last year, the cut-off went super high for cept, like, too much!