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Is architecture a better course compared to other engineering courses? 3 years ago

Sujith bunny
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Generally, there is no much competition in this architecture field when compare with engineering.This field is perfect for those who are interested.And also its a different way to design our future.And don't worry about salary.Better to get seated in top colleges and better to get employed in top companies.

How much percentage do they take from 12 th board exams in NATA 2018 ? 3 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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As per the information given in the NATA brochure you need to score a minimum of 50% marks in your 12th class exams with mathematics as your compulsory subject to apply for architecture colleges.

Answering to your second question

based on the total score you get ( 50% of 12th score + 50% of NATA score), ranks are given.I hope you got the answer.

we know that escalators are used mainly for vertical movement but at mainly airports there are horizontal belts used for horizontal movement so are they too called escalators or are called travellators ? 3 years ago

Anurag Matekar
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Escalators are used for vertical cum horizontal movement. e

Elevators are used for vertical movement.

what are the effective startegies and techniques used for preparing and mastering mathematical topics? 3 years ago

Meghana null
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Effective strategies and techniques for preparation of Mathematics Topics.

  1. Knowing the key concepts - Make sure your basic concepts of math are strong enough and learn all the formulas, identities and tables.Try to solve small calculations without pen-paper as it can improve your thinking and consume your time. Memorize area formulas for 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional figures. Focus on algebraic and Indices formulas. Remember important T-ratios (in Trigonometry) and their values. Remember Pythagoras Triplets.
  2. Play with your strengths - Firstly, try to master all the topics that you are strong in, and later work on the weaker topics(by practicing more question).
  3. Prepare your own notes - Make your own short cut tricks and notes, as self-prepared notes are the best trick to memories any subject.
  4. Revision of errors - Errors give you an idea of knowing where you have done mistake. These let you understand and review the thing that left you back. This is also once again a kind of repetition and a practice.
  5. Practice the questions based on each topic within the time limit provided(on edge.dqlabs.in). Also, go through all the past year papers and solve them thoroughly. Practice more and more. Try to attempt as many mock tests as possible. When you are left with handful of days to go, nothing will help you more than writing and analyzing Mock Tests.
  6. Be confident with your preparation. While sitting in the exam, never pressurize yourself with time factor during initial stages – try to solve each question within 60 - 90 seconds of time. Read, understand and analyze the question/given data carefully and then solve.

what parameters do evaluators look for in 2d and 3d compositions,light and shadow drawings? 3 years ago

DQ Archi one
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1. There no shades and shadows in 2d.

2. 3d parameters: Highlight, light shades, medium shades, dark shades and shadow. Shadow should cast behind the object.

can i get more info about maitri mandir? 3 years ago

Rohith Padival
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it's called MATRI MANDIR not maitri mandir

this slide share article will provide you with enough information-



the twelve petals of matri mandir-



for additional information please refer these links-




technical info about matri mandir-



here is a vimeo link-