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The answers to question nos. 833493172 and 833493178 seen to have discrepancies as was already brought to notice to [email protected] but have not received any reply yet.Please do help me in this matter dear sir/ma'am as Google gi 3 years ago

Rohith Padival
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the answer to question 833493178 is wrought iron here is the proof https://sites.google.com/site/engineeringtheeiffeltower/the-eiffel-tower-materials-engineering

Are steadler water colour pencils allowed in the nata exam? 3 years ago

Rahul Raj C
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yes it is allowed.

When are we supposed to upload the 2puc marks details? Because they are asking our NATA 2018 marks. 3 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Upload your 2PUC marks as and wherever required, and wait for the NATA 2018 results as it will be out in the month of June.

After that you can submit your NATA score.

Should the students who appeared for 2puc exam also have to upload their marks on the cet website for NATA 2018 ranking ? 3 years ago

Dq Cenlead
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yes, Please upload

how to visualize paper folding questions in uceed paper? 3 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Visualization is the ability to conjure up images in your head. The best way to do it is by observing. Paper folding questions usually have certain steps which requires the candidate to mentally create those images in their head. You follow the instructions as given and by the time you reach the last step, the answer is in your head. All you have to do is match it with the options. To get to this level, start by observing simple objects and shapes for a minute or so and sketch them out. Once you get the details right, move onto more complex ones. Then start replicating tessellations and figures and by then you would have got an accuracy of 95%. Next, start practicing paper folding questions provided and by the end of the last quiz, your accuracy will reach 100%.

I am an aspirant for 2019 NATA exam . Which subscription period (1 year / 2 year) should I choose to buy content for NATA 2019 ? 3 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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If you are targeting NATA 2019 only, it's better to go for 1 year subscription.

The answer to question 1 is wrong in the math section of NATA 3 years ago

Swarna Valli
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I got that wrong too! And agree that the answer must be 4 tangents. But there seems no way to challenge them😔. I mailed [email protected] yesterday, but haven't got a reply yet. Request you to send a mail too. Only numbers might make a difference.