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attempted the drawing question but did not mark it in the online mode. That is did not select the “mark as answered”. is that going to get me in trouble? 2 years ago

Atul S Mugasimangalam
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I faced the same issue in my centre, but the main invigilator announced that this would not be a problem and that the answer would be considered as usual.

How was the NATA 2018 exam ? 2 years ago

Abhinav Ramesan
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Maths was easy for me. Aptitude was a bit challenging but still very easy and solvable. There was one question in aptitude which had only four patterns but no "question" in text, so i had no idea what to answer for that.

The drawing part was definitely easier than last year because there was only one memory-based drawing (drinking tea in a park in the morning) and a 2d composition (a square, a right-angled triangle and circle of same sizes which had to be used to make a composition with maximum 20 shapes and 3 colours, without changing the size of the shapes).

Overall, the paper was easier than many of the All India NATA Mock Tests.

Is nata is online or offline ? 2 years ago

Sai Kumar
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part a (online),part b (ofline)

Do we need to follow any dress code for nata exam ? 2 years ago

Sohan R S
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No not nessary they do not mension I hall ticket

U did not know about the Tie break method in NATA instead of the negativemark please tell me? 2 years ago

Nishad Menezes
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Please, reference this answer to understand tie break method -


how is the difficulty level of the NATA paper 2018? 2 years ago

Rohit Ramesh
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The NATA test pattern differs each year and this year we expect it to be slightly easier. Try scoring 135+ in tomorrow's paper keeping in mind to score at least 55 marks in drawing, 50 in aptitude and 30 at maths section. Keep calm and revise the important topics. The difficulty for this year's paper, as predicted by our expert faculty is medium to average.