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Prathith Puttaparthy T
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Tibetians are a small, religious, and independent nation.The region has its own national flag, capital city, currency, stamps, passports and army; signed international treaties, and maintained diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries.

hence it is considered as a country but it's debatable.

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KCET ranking for Architecture will be considered for admission into best colleges in Karnataka.

KCET ranking for Architecutre will be generated based on students NATA+12th Score.

Prathith Puttaparthy T
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Scale is not allowed in NATA 2018 exam.

Please refer page 15 (appendix II) of information brochure for more details.

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Possible if you get a NATA score of above 150+

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You would be given minimum 2 drawing questions. one would be a 3d composition or a theme sketch that you are required to color. the second one would be a 2 d composition or a mirroring/ scaling/ rotation of a pattern.

Examples -

3D composition -

  1. Create an interesting composition using bread slices, cucumber pieces and a jam bottle. create shade and shadows.
  2. Draw earthen pots of different shapes and sizeses. create shades and shadows.
  3. draw an interesting composition using 6 tyres. create shades and shadows.
  4. there is a glass on a table and inside the glass there are 2 tooth brushes and one tooth paste, and there is a shaving brush lieng besidet the glass on the table. do all the shades and shadows.
  5. Using a object with a square, an rectangular object and pyramid, create a composition

Theme Sketch -

  1. imagine you are in a museum and there are no people in it. draw what you see.
  2. you are a bird flying over the ruins, draw what you see.
  3. you are 6 cms in ht and are on an explorer table. there are 2 large books a globe and a map. draw what you see.
  4. you are 6 cm in height and are on a newspaper at a door. draw what you see.
  5. you are inside a ticket counter ( a ticket issuer). there is a long queue outside the ticket counter. draw what you see.

2D composition -

  1. Create an interesting composition using trigonometric shapes. colour using any 3 colours.
  2. Design a tshirt graphic on " save girl child"
  3. Create a logo for a snack bar using only basic geometric shapes. colour using any 5 colours.
  4. Create a graphic on save earth using only geometrical shapes. colour using any 4 colours
  5. Slice a rectangle with 3 straight lines and 1 curved line, all freehand lines. colour using any 4 colours.

for the next question - In the 2014 drawing paper for JEE(available on the JEE official website), there's a question asking us to draw a 140mm×210mm rectangle and make the composition in it. How are we supposed to do this without a scale?

Answer - 140 mm : 210mm is a 1:1.5 ratio. In JEE scale is not allowed. hence you need to make an approximation. You can take reference of size of a known object. like for example a full length standard pencil is size is about 19 cm or 190 mm. so you can make an approximation of of how much would be 140 mm. once you determine 140 mm, you need to increase it by 1.5 times to get 210 mm.

hope this is helpfull.

Lalit Kumar
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For getting access to all the mocks you have to take subscription for that.If you are a student of DQ Labs and your account is not activated you can raise a query, after confirmation the account will be activated and then you can access the whole material.

Prathith Puttaparthy T
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Differce between english bind and flemish bond :

DUTCH (Flemish) bond shows more attractive and pleasing appearance of masonry work. It is economical as it uses broken brick bats, although it requires some extra mortar for additional joints.

In this brick bond, each course consists of alternate headers and stretchers. Every header is centrally supported over the stretchers below it. To break the vertical joints in the successive courses queen closers are placed in alternate courses next to the queen header. Bats are essentially required for the walls having their thickness equal to odd numbers of half bricks. Flemish bond gives better appearance than english bond.

English bond :

ENGLISH bond is considered as the strongest and most widely used brick bond in construction work. It consists of alternate course of headers and stretchers.

In this arrangement, vertical joints in the header and stretcher courses come over each other. To break the vertical joints in the consecutive courses queen closer should be placed after the first header in every header course.

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when you finish 5 years of Architecture and get a B.Arch Degree, you are qualified as an architect. You are equipped with all knowledge and skill to practice as an architect. hence further study per se is not required. However if you feel the need to specialize in a particular area like for example - Urban design, landscape design, town planning, Architectural conservation etc, then you may be required to do the Masters. otherwise B.Arch is sufficient to practice as an Architect successfully.

Lalit Kumar
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All the India mock tests are available on DQ Edge. Webinar will be conducted in the next few days by the faculty from Anant National University. All the questions and doubts will be discussed and cleared in the webinar like how to tackle certain type of questions, problems faced by the students and difficulty level of questions.

Lalit Kumar
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Yes you can carry them.

List of things candidates must bring with them:

i. Downloaded Admit Card of NATA- 2018.

ii. Proof of Identity- Aadhar/ Passport/ Driving License/ Voter ID/ e- Aadhar.

iii. Pen, pencils, eraser, colour pencils (Not water/oil colour or crayon). Instruments of any kind including scale are not permitted.

iv. Candidates may bring with them a cardboard or a clip board on which nothing should be written, so that they have no difficulty in taking the drawing test even if the tables provided in the examination room/hall do have smooth surface.