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Where is your NATA exam center in Hyderabad? 2 years ago

Flyn Sequeira
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The test center's complete address and code will be given in the admit card that you hold.

Reference :

  1. Click here for full information about the admit card
  2. Click here for Image of a dummy admit card

Can we expect math part to be easy like last year? 2 years ago

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Yes i'm guessing so, because limited time is just 1.5 hrs for maths and aptitude i.e 60 questions i don't think maths is not gonna be much tougher for this limited time.

can arts students write nata and are they eligible for selection in karnataka? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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According to NATA 2018 brochure, (page 6, point 5)

Candidates may come from the following backgrounds: (a) 10+2 or equivalent passed/appearing; (b) 10+3 Diploma (any stream) passed/appearing recognized by Central/State Govts; (c) International Baccalaureate Diploma passed/appearing, after 10 years of Schooling.

Even on being from arts stream you can write NATA provided you have Math and English as compulsory subjects.

what all stationeries we need carry for nata exam ? 2 years ago

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Carry ur shading pencils of all the grades u want.U also hv to carry ur protractor and compass in case ur nt habitual to free hand drawing.Carry ur colour pencils fr d imagination drawing.I guess thats all u need to carry!!I gt to know dat many centres dnt allow students to carry scale,Im sorry idk d reason so u carry a brand new pencil so that u can use it like a scale in case of any problem...

All the best!!

Hown to identify correct elevation of the object ? 2 years ago

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try practicing them frm all d qustion papers...d sample papers,mock papers and all d others...it really helps!!

Are waterbased colour pencils allowed? 2 years ago

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It ws allowed till last year bt I guess that it is ntallowed dis year.And it is better u dnt use it as it might spoil ur sketch if d shading doesnt come out well.It is also difficult fr d invigilator to scan it as when d paper is wet they cannot scan it and even if they scan it and it is spoilt,v cannot blame them.Bt I guess it is ur wish.U can use it if u believe dat ur gud in it.

All d best!!