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Lalit Kumar
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Apart from NID and IDC, there are a good number of colleges in India which you can consider for Animation.Below mentioned colleges are a good option:-

  • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts(NIFFA), Kolkatta
  • Maya Institute of Advanced Cinematic(MAAC)
  • Arena Animation
  • F X School, Mumbai
  • Picasso Animation College, Bangalore
  • Unitedworld Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Lalit Kumar
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I'm not sure about the rank because NID Ahmedabad doesn't public the ranks who got admission into the college. They only provide the final list of marks which got converted like for last year 60.xx is the marks which got admission into NID Ahmedabad i.e for general category. I hope now you will have a fair idea as to how many marks to target in the NID entrance exam.

SHINee’s hoe
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Same with me. Just try your best. Be more observant towards everything and read newspapers everyday. More importantly practice sketching daily. If you really wanna go into nid and if u have that as your first choice then spend more time preparing to this than ur school subjects as you don’t need your 12th marks anywhere in the future for designing. Use 60-70% of your time to practice for nid and you can study for your school in the remaining 30%

Lavanya Arya
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Well almost the same in my case as I have been using calculator for 1 and a half yrs now... but for getting a grasp in maths, I think u should go through the topics covered in the respective exam which you'll be giving and then go on solving many questions in a go... initially you will give a lot of time just for solving one question but after solving 15 questions or so you'll possibly get into the flow and this way you should also practice for non verbal reasoning.

Hope this helps!

Lalit Kumar
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There are a good number of architecture colleges in Pune like Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture(BVCA), Sinhgad College of Architecture(SCOA), BKPS Pune, Minerva College of Architecture, MIT Art, Design and Technology University(MITADT) etc.

Out of the above mentioned colleges Sinhgad College Of Architecture, D.Y Patil college of Architecture, Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture are few good options you can consider but not the best for sure. If possible try to get colleges in other cities like Mumbai.

Lalit Kumar
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Yes, you can crack NID and UCEED 2019 given you work hard for the next four months. Starting now theres almost four months left for the NID 2019 exam. Go through the syllabus carefully to see which topics you are comfortable with and which topics need more attention. Start with basic problems and clear your basics for each topic in the initial few weeks.

when you are done with your basics, start solving difficult problems or past year question papers to see where you lack.Along with this start giving mocks on a regular basis and analyze them properly. Giving mock tests will help you for the main exam by preparing you to solve questions in a time bound manner.

Now coming to your question for average drawing, if you think you are not able to prepare by yourself and not making any improvements then I'll suggest you to join a coaching institute to help you in this. If you are based in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai or Mangalore then you can visit DQ Labs centre to join their coaching program.

For tips on how to crack NID and UCEED 2019 you can visit the article section or visit this link.

Lalit Kumar
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there could be two scenarios here,

  1. you are in 12th standard
  2. you have cleared your 12th board exam

if you are in the first category then i will suggest you not to think about the results right away, you still have months to go for your 12th board exams.Work hard and focus on your studies and try to get the maximum result out of your 12th board exams. Higher the better otherwise if you scored less then you will have to compensate that with your NID/UCEED score and rank.

if you have completed your 12th board exams and score less or average then again no need to worry, whats done can not be changed now so its pointless to think about that. What you have in hand is your NID/UCEED preparation, get a very good rank in NID/UCEED exam as it will compensate for your average 12th marks but be prepared to justify why you scored less in 12th.

I hope you got your answer.