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amogha margassery
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Practising isn't everything, though it's the most long term. I would recommend Observation and quick doodles limited to 30 seconds or maybe a minute. If you're in a situation that you cannot draw it, note it down and take the opportunity to practise it in your own time. Practising blindly is shooting in the dark.

vishwanth v
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Practice in different views, and importantly the previous year papers.

rupali desai
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Yes ,class 11th and 12th mathematics is asked.

amogha margassery
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Speak to any of the faculty regarding the same and request a meeting.

Stephen Samuel
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This happened for me too. I dont know why it happened. I have completed english but it completed in the coverage chart as only 94 percent complete even though all of it is complete.

Suma Auradkar
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there isn't a separate section for riddles but there are a couple riddle questions asked in the practice set 1 (MA) in the take tests tab.

Chaitanya Mandar Deshpande
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Yes, CEPT Ahmedabad is one of the top ranking design colleges in India.