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the 501 questions will be similar to the questions asked in final exam right ? a month ago

Kritika Kalose
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Yes, the concepts covered by the questions will be similar

where do we find the nata mock test question with answer key? a month ago

Rajesh Ramkrishnan
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In the practise section

I missed the first few review sessions. I am not able to find the recordings of it. Could anyone look into this pl? a month ago

Kasthuri Arasumohan
Popular Answer · a month ago · 2 claps

for review class videos ...you have to click on practice then you have to click on the particular test say test 2 ...there will be last attempt report click on that...then it will display 3 section - score anatomy, my answers and explanation videos...you have to click on explanation videos and you can see the review session for that particular test ...hope this would help you :)

Can i change the profile name on this website? a month ago

Lakshmi P Anil
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I'm not really sure but you should ask your counsellor.

Does NIFT have negative marking? a month ago

edison edward
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intoduced this year onwards..

Where can I find "type of architecture"? On DQ a month ago

Arya Priya
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i don't think there are special notes on types of architecture. You just have to go through the whole topic in architecture awareness. You would get some idea.(famous architects and their works)