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Atishay Jain
Latest Answer · 5 years ago · 0 claps

therer is no sketching question in mock test

Prathith Puttaparthy T
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You can find them in various websites and also find their keys along with detailed solutions made by allen or resonance. But you can only do d aptitude and math.

All the question papers are found in Arihant B.Arch self study guide.

If you are 2019 aspirant. I hope this helps.

Swarna Valli
Popular Answer · 5 years ago · 2 claps

Are the questions ready yet? The exam is only a few days from now, so looking forward to practice those questions at the earliest.

Rohit Ramesh
Popular Answer · 5 years ago · 1 claps

Grade B pencils, sand paper and cotton - specifically for quick shade shadowing. you can learn the technique over here .

See This

geeta bhavani
Latest Answer · 4 years ago · 0 claps

how i get practice material

Rohith Padival
Popular Answer · 5 years ago · 3 claps

here are a couple of youtube videos




Rohit Ramesh
Popular Answer · 5 years ago · 1 claps

Balancing is not necessary, yes you can place sphere on a pyramid or vice-versa.

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