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maneya wadhwa
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Hi! I appeared for jee paper 2 this year and scored well in maths.However inspite of the content here,i also did previous year questions and mock tests.

DQ Team
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Extending Gowri Krishna's answer you can now access past year student's works, the best examples and gain exposure to improve your own skills by using these new filters -

rupali desai
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It is mandatory to visit all the question. After you have attempted the question go to the last question and click submit. A note will appear telling you do you want to submit the test. Click yes and you are good to go.

Hope this helps.

Navita V
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You do not need to write CET Exam, but filling the CET application form is mandatory.

vishwanth v
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Their official pages!!

Soha Bhalerao
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Value is lightness or darkness of a colour , whereas, saturation refers to strenth of the colour.

Navita V
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Not yet released