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how is my board percentage calculated for NATA? 5 months ago

edison edward
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ur board marks will get added to nata score.....

eg...if u get 80 as nata score and 85 in boards.....ur aggggregate is good.....but there are students who gets 150 as nata score

how to draw a name in 2 point perspective with same width , height and depth for each letter? 5 months ago

amogha margassery
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Mark a height on your reference line(which is perpendicular to your horizon line), eg: 1/3rd the height of the line, and draw a line from that point to the vanishing point. that way all heights will remain fixed along that line.

Can u plz give me suggestions for nata exam coaching and mentoring during this curfew ? 5 months ago

Navita V
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Hi, DQ labs is providing online coaching for Nata 2020 Exam. Please call to 9591001000 or 9591085005 for further details

Where do get the link foronline lecture? 6 months ago

Navita V
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If you are a student of DQ labs. You will receive the online class links to your email id registered with edge.dqlabs.in