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What is the minimum rank required to get admission in NIFT Bangalore ? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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The rank changes every year depending upon the cutoff and difficulty level of the exam. In 2017, the last merit rank admitted in NIFT Bangalore for the respective program is given below:-

Last merit admitted in General category

1.) FD- 319

2.) AD - 354

3.) TD - 617

4.) KD - 706

5.) FC - 230

6.) BFT - 179

If you are considering masters from NIFT Bangalore then below is last years trends

7.) M.Des - 80

8.) MFM - 79

9.) MFT - 52

I hope now you will have a fair idea for which rank to target to get into NIFT Bangalore

How to draw objects in perspectives? 2 years ago

Advaita Jairam
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For single point perspective, you need to choose a 'vanishing point' , that is. the point at which all objects vanish.

Then, draw lines from this point to where you want to draw the objects and then draw the objects' outlines based on that.

Also, do keep in the mind the fact that the sizes of the objects that are closer to you are larger and vice versa.

Is it possible that I can do architecture after commerce stream? 2 years ago

Dion D'Sa
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Unfortunately, there has been a notification from the Council of Architecture (CoA) which makes Science Stream (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) mandatory in class 12. This is the basic requirement to pursue the B.Arch program at an school in India.

However, if you are looking for schools abroad, then you would have to identify the schools you are interested in and then contact those for more accurate information.

what are the materials used for shading and texturing ? 2 years ago

RGP The creative playground
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Mainly if you u come for shading and texture. You have two options. First u can use pencils of different shades. And the other way is you can take help of pressure. By applying different pressure you got different shades and texture.

  • So only u need is practice and practice.

In the B.Arch course, do we require Physics and Chemistry? 2 years ago

RGP The creative playground
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Really not much. But as a architect you have to know the nature force and it's effect. So your answer is yes. But only part related to architecture.

Is there any role of chemistry and physics in architecture college s? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Yes, because as an architect you must know the mechanics and forces that comes into picture when you built or hypothesize a structure. In architecture, physics plays the role in things like stress, strain, load bearing forces, gravitational forces etc.

chemistry on the other hand deals with the materials used like chemical composition, which type of material will be used i.e steel, iron, aluminium, iron etc.

What is the minimum percentage reqd in class 12 for admission in a prestigious institution for architecture? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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The cutoff for getting admission through the NATA Entrance Exam changes every year and the competition is getting fierce too. Don't look for the minimum percentage cause both of your marks will be taken into consideration i.e 50% of 12th score + 50% of NATA score.

Now coming to your question, you should target atleast 85% in 12th to increase your chances of getting admission into the prestigious colleges.

For admission in SPA, Delhi for the year 2019, what is the estimated closing rank? And what minimum marks are required for the particular rank? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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In 2017, the last round cutoff rank was 523 for B.Arch and 2052 for B.Plan,

In 2016, the last round cutoff rank was 975 for B.Arch and 2292 for B.Plan,

Competition is getting fierce year after year so you have to target 320+ marks out of 390 and below 500 rank in order to get a seat in SPA Delhi for B.Arch course

does my 12th marks matter when i apply for IIT B even though i have a high score in uceed exam? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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If you have scored very high in the UCEED exam then it doesn't matter if you have less or average marks in the 12th exam.

Irrespective of your low 12th score, if you have secured a very good rank then it means that you have put in a lot of efforts and hard-work in the preparation so don't think about your scores now you cannot change that,just focus on what lies in front of you i.e UCEED exam.