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Janice Carvalho
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Veda Arvind
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paper size is A-4 but you may have to draw within a box which would be smaller than A-4 (probably A-5)

Navita V
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Hi, Learn and Take Tests Packages are self study content only. If you wish to take classes or mentor's guidance, you need to enrol for online live interactive classes, where the above packages will be given access.

Yes physics has the content as per the present Nata syllabus and Exam pattern. The course will be valid till the exam date and the year which you will be appearing

siddharth kulkarni
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top right corner

amogha margassery
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Practising isn't everything, though it's the most long term. I would recommend Observation and quick doodles limited to 30 seconds or maybe a minute. If you're in a situation that you cannot draw it, note it down and take the opportunity to practise it in your own time. Practising blindly is shooting in the dark.

rupali desai
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Yes ,class 11th and 12th mathematics is asked.

amogha margassery
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Speak to any of the faculty regarding the same and request a meeting.