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Lalit Kumar
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 You can go to the Take a Test section, there you will find various options.The topics basically consist of previous year questions only but for simplicity, we have categorized them according to their respective topics. 

You can refer these questions to check on which topic you need to work more. 

Prathith Puttaparthy T
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You can find them in various websites and also find their keys along with detailed solutions made by allen or resonance. But you can only do d aptitude and math.

All the question papers are found in Arihant B.Arch self study guide.

If you are 2019 aspirant. I hope this helps.

Swarna Valli
Popular Answer · 6 years ago · 2 claps

Are the questions ready yet? The exam is only a few days from now, so looking forward to practice those questions at the earliest.

Rohit Ramesh
Popular Answer · 6 years ago · 1 claps

Grade B pencils, sand paper and cotton - specifically for quick shade shadowing. you can learn the technique over here .

See This

geeta bhavani
Popular Answer · 6 years ago · 1 claps

how i get practice material

Rohith Padival
Popular Answer · 6 years ago · 3 claps

here are a couple of youtube videos




Rohit Ramesh
Popular Answer · 6 years ago · 1 claps

Balancing is not necessary, yes you can place sphere on a pyramid or vice-versa.

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