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Rohith Padival
Popular Answer · 4 years ago · 2 claps

it's called MATRI MANDIR not maitri mandir

this slide share article will provide you with enough information-



the twelve petals of matri mandir-



for additional information please refer these links-




technical info about matri mandir-



here is a vimeo link-


Rohith Padival
Latest Answer · 4 years ago · 0 claps

2015 and 2016 NATA exam was conducted online so there aren't any question papers from 2015 and 2016

Vijayshankar Borde
Popular Answer · 4 years ago · 1 claps

in this year mock test provided by coa at tcs website their were no english questions so i guess w'll not find in the main nata paper too.

Rohit Ramesh
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DQ Edge has all the important chapters in the Mathematics Section . You can refer these for your preparation.

design quotient
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in the actual NATA 2018 exam, as per the mock test link published by coa, the questions will be dipslayed in 2 sections. Math section and aptitude section. you can experience the actual nata test interface here ...

i hope yo uare aware that this year nata will be an online exam !!

Prathith Puttaparthy T
Popular Answer · 4 years ago · 1 claps

The level of questions is not higher than NCERT level as far as I know.

But since it's a multiple choice question pattern exam, it's better to practice MCQ question banks of NCERT level.

design quotient
Popular Answer · 4 years ago · 1 claps

for NON - Locals : 150 + in NATA and 95+ in boards

For Locals - 100+ in NATA and 80+ in boards.

Lalit Kumar
Popular Answer · 4 years ago · 1 claps

You can find JEE Advanced 2018 Syllabus in the below mentioned link.

JEE Advanced 2018