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Kavya Judy
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My test is not working

Tanisha Goel
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the test has not been uploded?

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hey hi!

you don't need to take any quiz to attempt the PTM.

you can just click on the link available in emails from d q labs.

Navita V
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If you are NID/ UCEED 2022 aspirant, You can refer https://edge.dqlabs.in/learn/NID%20%7C%20UCEED%20%7C%20CEED/GK to improve your GK

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if you keep practicing newer questions you'll understand the logic and you will also know where to use which logic.

Navita V
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Usually Nata score is considered to get admission into the CoA approved architecture schools in India.

Most of the Architecture Schools take 50% of 12th Board score + 50% of NATA Score and thereafter applicants will be given a state rank through which they can secure admissions to colleges in each state considering the reservation categories

Hemant Sharma
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if you will divide a cube into 125 pieces each face will have 25 cubes ( to understand to divide a surface into 25 pieces you will need a 5x5 grid, hence for 3 dimensions i.e. cube you will have to find the cube-root of 125 i.e. 5 so each face will have 25 faces. ) out of which the one at edges will have at least 2 sides painted, then the remaining cubes will be 9 at the center of each face whose at least one face will be painted, if you will remove these painted cubes from each side, you'll get a cube with 3 x 3 cubes on each face multiplied by 3 by the same logic as before, you'll get 27 cubes which are not painted.