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for fonts try new variations with the pre-existing ones. sometimes they do wonders..!! for nets practice more and more and try to visualise things. hope it helps:)

Amogh Wadhonkar
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This is an icosahedron which has 20 faces.

To calculate the surface area just calculate the surface area for one face then multiply it by 20.

Surface area of one face is (area of triangle+area of the sides of the rectangular hole)

which is=> 110.84cmsq (triangle)+ 28cmsq (area of sides of the hole)= 138.84cmsq

Multiplying it by 20= 2776.8

Approximately 2777

yukeshvar k
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last horizontal row : 6 bricks needed

two horizontal rows before last combined need 30 bricks

the closest row needs 20 bricks

tip to solve: visualize and add bricks mentally , look at length and breadth . the figures height : 5 bricks . easier but time consuming way is to draw and find out- wouldnt recommend . try to solve it mentally

Samyuktha null
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1. Using fossil fuels

2. Emission of greenhouse gases

3. Chlorofluorocarbons

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