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When will NATA 2020 admit card be released? 7 months ago

Kritika Kalose
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the exam can get postponed too due to peaking no. of covid cases, so may be thats why the admit card is on hold

I finished studying the online material for general aptitude.What should I do next? 7 months ago

Dion D'Sa
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Firstly, You've done a great job at finishing the online material for Aptitude

The recommended way forward for Aptitude is to

  1. Take at least 1 mock test or Past Year Question paper
  2. When answering - ensure you follow the recommended method of selecting your answer choice - Knowledge, Elimination, Random
  3. Review your answers and check out the answer explanations and references
  4. Go through the personalized reports after you are done
  5. Look for the suggested topics to study in terms of priority - focus on those

Also, dont forget to focus on your Sketching as well

  1. Complete your sketch part of the mock test and upload them
  2. Self Rate your sketch - this helps you objectively put yourself in the shoes of an evaluator
  3. See the sketches of your peer group and learn from them
  4. Ask the student counsellor for a faculty evaluation of your sketch with improvement tips

Hope this helps!

Sir i recently finished arihant. Can u suggest other good mental ability and vsa books? 8 months ago

Kritika Kalose
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Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning-Dr. RS Aggarwal

this book is good

is the nata exam on august 1st postponed? 8 months ago

Preet Patidar
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Opinion on REVA entrance exam ? 8 months ago

Achyuth V Dev
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Will JEE P2 in July be postponed? 8 months ago

Kritika Kalose
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it is postponed to september1-6

Should one enroll in comedk exam(as NATA and comedk clash on 1st August) to apply for the comedk architecture rank? Or we should only enroll for the form to get in the comedk quota? 8 months ago

Dion D'Sa
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As per the latest, the date for the NATA Test has been postponed to 29th August 2020.

The application for COMED-K Architecture counselling is different from their Engineering Test.

You do not need to answer the COMED-K UGET Exam (PCM) if you are trying to get into Architecture.

Please refer to Clause 4.2 on Page 5 of the Information Brochure: https://www.comedk.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/COMEDK-2020-INFORMATION-BROCHURE-UGET-EXAM.pdf