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when is the next all india test ? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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All the India mock tests are available on DQ Edge. Webinar will be conducted in the next few days by the faculty from Anant National University. All the questions and doubts will be discussed and cleared in the webinar like how to tackle certain type of questions, problems faced by the students and difficulty level of questions.

Are we allowed to carry sand paper and other stationary for the nata and jee exam ? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Yes you can carry them.

List of things candidates must bring with them:

i. Downloaded Admit Card of NATA- 2018.

ii. Proof of Identity- Aadhar/ Passport/ Driving License/ Voter ID/ e- Aadhar.

iii. Pen, pencils, eraser, colour pencils (Not water/oil colour or crayon). Instruments of any kind including scale are not permitted.

iv. Candidates may bring with them a cardboard or a clip board on which nothing should be written, so that they have no difficulty in taking the drawing test even if the tables provided in the examination room/hall do have smooth surface.

Why do we have to write respective state competitive exam like KCET in order to go through architectural colleges ? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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You can apply but it is not mandatory to write the exam.You can apply for the respective colleges and submit your NATA score.The college will then public the ranking list of the all the applications they get.Based on your NATA score and rank you can seek admission into the respective colleges.

still i need guidence about examination of architecture 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Can you please specify exactly what kind of information you want to know about the examination like date of examination, syllabus, exam pattern, course details, mock tests,study material etc.If we can understand what problems you have regarding the exam we will guide you accordingly.

i need explanation for some questions in take a test section where do i get them ?please guide 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Can you mention the questions and topics in which you have your doubts. Respective faculty will see the question and will get back to you to clear all your doubts.

where is sketching assignment in mock test ? 2 years ago

Rohit Ramesh
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Sketch assignment will be uploaded on or before 6th April 2018, as we are preparing the platform in a manner so that everyone can upload their sketch work and get an evaluation from experts.

How write in nata exam ? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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Can you please elaborate your question to give more clarity about what exactly you are asking so that i can guide you properly.

What is the pattern of NATA 2018? 2 years ago

Lalit Kumar
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NATA 2018 exam pattern:

1.There is no negative marking for any incorrect answer.

2.The question paper of NATA 2018 will include two parts - Part A and Part B.

3.Part A will include Multiple Choice Questions and be conducted in online mode. Mathematics and General Aptitude subjects will be covered in this part.

  • mathematics - 20 questions * 2 marks each=40 marks
  • general aptitude - 40 questions* 2 marks each = 80 marks

4.Part B will include drawing test and have to be answered on A4 size drawing sheets.

  • drawing - 2 questions * 40 marks = 80 marks

5.Part A + Part B = 200 marks.

These are the doubts I have from Algebra: Question 6 from the Prep quiz(Medium difficulty) Questions 1,3,8,12,18 from the Practice quiz and Questions 1,6,10 from the test I didn't understand how to the above mentioned problems. 2 years ago

Rohith Padival
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you can report the above questions and ask for an explanation ,the faculty will provide the explanation,when you are taking the tests there is a report issue tab you can click on it

Where can I get the solution key to past years jee paper 2 questionnaire? 2 years ago

Sree Soumya
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I too want solutions