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With a score of 190 in UCEED paper 2018, would I have gotten into an IIT? How do I figure out how well I did using my score? 11 months ago

Disha Bhadange
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It depends on your category caste cutoff to get an iit...but your marks are very good so you might have got!!1

Which books to refer for uceed ? 11 months ago

Pavan Kumar
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you can refer some of books realised the year you are writing you exam.

you can always go through the self studies but be sure that you are reading according to the syllabus.

When will the live webinars start? 11 months ago

Vibha Arvind
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There are live Webinars happening on a daily basis for the past week up until the next. You can register for them under the "Events" section on DQ Edge. The webinars are conducted from 0600 to 0900 pm.