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i have forgot to mark as answered in drawing paper, will they check my drawing consider its marks? 2 years ago

Kusala Katari
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they will not consider because they correct according to the marking and you sheet will be considered as in valid

What would be the cutoff for NID mdes product design prelims? As we know question paper covers a major part of drawing. 2 years ago

Rohit Ramesh
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The cut off score for NID M.Des (Product Design) prelims varies every year. It depends on the number of students taking the test, difficulty level of the exam and the reservation quota applicable to the students. Hence, the score cannot be predicted each year. 

However, from past performance of students, a score of 70+ will be a safe score to target.

how much cutoff marks of oc? 2 years ago

PôøRñã Pc
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  1. It changes yearly depending upon the paper standard and performance level of all candidates
  2. So its better to score 200+ to get a good rank and best University especially for general category (oc)

passing marks for jee paper 2 is ? 2 years ago

Kalyan Naik
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