How was the NATA 2018 exam ?

6 years ago
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2 answers.
Rohith Padival

i found the aptitude part easy as i had concentrated more on g.k. for preparation of nata ,and many of the questions were general knowledge based questions and i've done the 2d composition sketch quite well but the unfortunate thing is that most of the students in my exam centre were using scales for drawing ,they had an unfair advantage as they could finish the drawings more quickly and add more details quickly

6 years ago

Abhinav Ramesan

Maths was easy for me. Aptitude was a bit challenging but still very easy and solvable. There was one question in aptitude which had only four patterns but no "question" in text, so i had no idea what to answer for that.

The drawing part was definitely easier than last year because there was only one memory-based drawing (drinking tea in a park in the morning) and a 2d composition (a square, a right-angled triangle and circle of same sizes which had to be used to make a composition with maximum 20 shapes and 3 colours, without changing the size of the shapes).

Overall, the paper was easier than many of the All India NATA Mock Tests.

6 years ago