I am preparing for jee advance currently in class 12 But i am very inTerested in uceed .. I want to join iit for bdesigning but i don't know how to prepare or would there any chance to het into since there are limited seats

5 years ago
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Dion D'Sa

There are about 13500 students who took UCEED 2019 for about 115 seats across all IIT's. Of course you have a chance! Students who have used this platform have got ranks 6, 10, 14, 15, 20, 24 in the top 25 ranks.

You do have about 7 months left to prepare. In this time, you can do really well. But its not easy and requires you to have a lot of focused effort.

  1. Refer to the study material on this platform - spend at least 2 hours per day
  2. Contact DQ Labs on 9591001000 for classroom / online classes

All the best to you!

5 years ago