I am really finding it difficult to solve the theme based drawing questions..can someone please give me some tips or a website I can refer to? Thanks

5 years ago
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Nishad Menezes

Extending Rohith's answer. I also, suggest attending the webinar powered by Anant University today between 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. The last webinar had some great tips on how to crack the drawing questions so that you maximize your chances of getting a good score in that section.

You need to take up All India Mock Test 1 on DQ Edge and then attend the webinar to get clarity on how to tackle such questions, especially drawing. The link to the webinar is given on the test.

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Rohith Padival

i understand your concern as i've been in your situation my best advice is to get regular feedback from the design faculty and clear your doubts with them as this helped me a lot and also it is the teachers duty and responsibility to clear your doubts so please do approach them ,the other strategy which i have found helpful was to set aside 2.5-3 hrs for drawing as you will get the hang of it if you practice daily and regularly and again it is important to get feedback as this will bring your skill to a decent level and the faculty will pin point on where you need to improve and my strategy for theme based questions is to look at the key words in the question and include those drawings on the paper and after i finish drawing i will try and find a reference on google so that i can compare my drawings for example in the first theme sketch in all india mock test of a five year old's first day in school the key words are

1.holding hand

2.crying children

3.happy children

4.5 year old

5.play area-not clearly visible

draw the above mentioned points as these are the main ideas the evaluator will look into and also it is important to draw as much as possible the drawings need not be precise but it has to be of a decent quality.

and as for websites this youtube channel called nata iic is really good provides free content for nata aspirants here is the link


one point perspective


2 point perspective


3 point perspective





5 years ago