I finished studying the online material for general aptitude.What should I do next?

4 years ago
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Dion D'Sa

Firstly, You've done a great job at finishing the online material for Aptitude

The recommended way forward for Aptitude is to

  1. Take at least 1 mock test or Past Year Question paper
  2. When answering - ensure you follow the recommended method of selecting your answer choice - Knowledge, Elimination, Random
  3. Review your answers and check out the answer explanations and references
  4. Go through the personalized reports after you are done
  5. Look for the suggested topics to study in terms of priority - focus on those

Also, dont forget to focus on your Sketching as well

  1. Complete your sketch part of the mock test and upload them
  2. Self Rate your sketch - this helps you objectively put yourself in the shoes of an evaluator
  3. See the sketches of your peer group and learn from them
  4. Ask the student counsellor for a faculty evaluation of your sketch with improvement tips

Hope this helps!

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