Sir i recently finished arihant. Can u suggest other good mental ability and vsa books?

4 years ago
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Kritika Kalose

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning-Dr. RS Aggarwal

this book is good

Most Popular Answer 4 years ago

Dion D'Sa

Arihant and RS Aggarwal are both good resources. Remember that Time is your most precious finite resource. How you utilize your time smartly (strategy) is the most important factor.

Just make sure you study what is relevant to your exam. You dont want to be putting effort in topics not relevant.

My suggestion is to

  1. Take at least 1 mock test or Past Year Question paper
  2. When answering - ensure you follow the recommended method of selecting your answer choice - Knowledge, Elimination, Random
  3. Review your answers and check out the answer explanations and references
  4. Go through the personalized reports after you are done
  5. Look for the suggested topics to study in terms of priority - focus on those

Since DQ Edge helps to to focus on What to Study and What NOT to Study (since you have mastered the topics already), you can focus on the topics that you are yet to master.

4 years ago