Will I be able to successfully prepare for NID and UCEED 2019 if I start now and have not studied art as a subject for 4 years or so?

3 years ago

I have average drawing talent and have chosen Physics-Chemistry-Maths-Information Practices as my subjects in 12th (I'm currently in 12th)

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Lalit Kumar

Yes, you can crack NID and UCEED 2019 given you work hard for the next four months. Starting now theres almost four months left for the NID 2019 exam. Go through the syllabus carefully to see which topics you are comfortable with and which topics need more attention. Start with basic problems and clear your basics for each topic in the initial few weeks.

when you are done with your basics, start solving difficult problems or past year question papers to see where you lack.Along with this start giving mocks on a regular basis and analyze them properly. Giving mock tests will help you for the main exam by preparing you to solve questions in a time bound manner.

Now coming to your question for average drawing, if you think you are not able to prepare by yourself and not making any improvements then I'll suggest you to join a coaching institute to help you in this. If you are based in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai or Mangalore then you can visit DQ Labs centre to join their coaching program.

For tips on how to crack NID and UCEED 2019 you can visit the article section or visit this link.

3 years ago