how much is drawing important in nata and uceed exams.what can we do to improve our skills in the drawing section of the question paper?

3 years ago
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Lalit Kumar

if you want to excel in the field of architecture, fashion and design then you have to be good in drawing. It is very important cause you will be presenting your ideas through drawing and sketches. Your drawing skills will tell the other person how creative and good you are. To see how much drawing is important, I will suggest you to go through the previous years NATA and UCEED papers.

Weightage of drawing in NATA Exam out of total 200 marks:- 2 question * 40 marks = 80 marks

You can see out of 200 marks 80 marks is based on drawing rest(120 marks) is mathematics and aptitude. The drawing section is very important and hard to score. This is the section which can make or break the deal.

To improve your drawing skills you can either join a classroom coaching program or an online one depending upon your convenience. By doing so not only your drawing will improve but you will get to learn how to tackle certain scenario based problems.

3 years ago