what all will be provided if we purchase learn+tests combo from dq edge ?

3 years ago
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Dion D'Sa

All creative exams are unpredictable. You will always get questions that you have not come across before or not familiar with. DQ Edge is a single place where almost all topics are covered in detail. This is the best resource available to help you with your creative exams and has been used effectively by many toppers.

Depending on the course you are referring to, you will get the following:

  1. Learn: 300+ Topics and sub topics covering the syllabus of the exams. These include thousands of images, videos and external resources that you will need to prepare yourself.
  2. Tests: 10 - 20 Past year question papers, 500 Predicted Questions, Sectional question papers, 10 - 20 Mock tests. All answers are available. In many cases, you will have explanations and links to external resources as well to do further research
  3. Social Learning: You will have access and ability to have a look at your peer work and evaluate them. This way, you will have a framework for comparison to understand where you stand amongst your peer group. You can also put yourself in the shoes of a faculty and self evaluate and evaluate your peer group as well. This way, your understanding of the evaluation process increases tremendously and set higher goals for yourself.
  4. Get a Personalized Study Plan: You need to use the Multi Dimensional MCQ Technology to take all tests. At the end of the test, you will get a personalised study plan to help you focus only on the areas you personally need to work on.

Plese check the pricing and features on DQ Edge.

Hope this answers your question.

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