what are the benefits of using this platform?

6 years ago
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1 answer.
DQ Team

  1. Know what to focus on - We are constantly improving our ability to suggest the right topics based on your performance and other aspects to help you learn smartly and effectively.
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses - You are able to identify the areas you need to pay attention to.
  3. Track your progress - Very visual in letting you have an idea of the amount of portion covered in the syllabus and you can easily access all your reports through your profile.
  4. Insight into tackling your competition better.
  5. Suggestions to improve speed, solution technique and accuracy.

We are constantly improving the platform to better meet the above goals, as it has helped alot of students do really well in the past. The platform is only going to get even better, also with respect to doubt clearing and sketching, so keep learning.

The primary benefits can be found on the main landing page - https://edge.dqlabs.in

6 years ago