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what is the qualifying marks for nata?

5 months ago
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purab patel


Most Popular Answer 5 months ago

Dion D'Sa

The result sheet will display the following:

1. Marks obtained in each Part of the exam and out of 200

2. Pass/Fail

Qualifying marks for NATA-2020 would be based on the following rules:

1. A minimum of 32 marks out of 125 marks must be secured in Part A (approximately 25%)

2. A minimum of 18 marks out of 75 marks must be secured in Part B (approximately 25%)

3. Overall qualifying marks (out of 200) would be based on post-exam statistics and at the discretion of the Council.

A Candidate will not qualify in NATA-2020 unless he/ she satisfies all three conditions mentioned above. 

Source: NATA 2020 Brochure

4 months ago